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    February 2018

    Read: Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge

    Meet: 27th February



    January 2018

    Read: Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown

    Meet: 30th January, Huckletree

    Drink: Braving the Ginderness

    Review: Kicking off the year with a bucketful of deep questions about vulnerability, bravery and relationships.


    December 2017

    ReadThe 100 Year Life by Linda Gratton & Andrew Scott

    Meet: LeWagon

    Drink: 100 Year Medicine

    Review: The one book I read this year that takes a big subject — increased life expectancy- and made it relevant and realistic to my current life and work. Compelling, useful and a little bit scary.

    November 2017

    Read: Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson

    Meet: The Library

    Drink: Happy Milk

    Review: Like all good life hacks, sleep is a big one. This popular book shows you how to master sleep. Fun meetup.

    October 2017

    Read: How Not To Be a Boy by Robert Webb

    Meet: Work Life Clerkenwell

    Drink: Man O Man

    Theme: Gender

    Review:  The most surprising book of the year, both in terms of how entertaining I found Robert’s awkward tales of growing up not wanting to the be ‘the boy’ his family and society expected him to be and, also how impactful a discussion it created about masculinity.


    September 2017

    Read: The Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan

    Meet: Huckletree West

    Drink: Pure Silk

    Review: Probably the most ambitious book we’ve taken on at RBC and the only one this year I didn’t quite finish. Silk Roads re-tells history as if the Middle East, and not Europe, is the centre of the world. Peter kindly spoke to us about how and why he wrote it which made it even more impactful.

    August 2017

    Read: Miss Adventures by Amy Baker

    Meet: Green Park under the Stars

    Drink: Pisco Sour with Honey

    Review:  RBC Member, Amy Baker's, straight talking and painfully honest tales of her travels in South America were really entertaining, as was her Q&A session with the book club in the park.

    July 2017

    Read: Homo Deus by Yural Harari

    Meet: WeWork Paddington on the sundeck

    Drink: Cold & Calculated

    Review: Sapiens was my book of the year for 2016, and Homo Deus — a short history of the future — is a brilliant attempt to match it. Harari is a masterful synthisiser and his glimpses into where we might be going are as exciting as they are frightening.

    June 2017

    Read: Utopia for Realists by Rutger Bregman

    Meet: Work.Life Clerkenwell

    Drink: Utopia on the Rocks

    The most positive political book I’ve read in a while. Bregman makes the seemingly radical ideas of Universal Basic Income, a 15 hour work week and mass open borders, seriously compelling.

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    Can anyone join Rebel Book Club?

    Hell no. Rebel Book Club isn't for the average Joe or Jane. We're building a tribe of open minded thinkers with a continual growth mindset who want to get ahead of the game and challenge the status quo.


    What does Rebel Book Club include?

    If your application is successful, for £15 a month, you'll receive:

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    2. Rebel Reading Coach: Access to our private Facebook accountability group - no excuses tolerated.

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    4. Rebel Meets: Exclusive invite to our secret events & bespoke cocktail.

    You can opt out anytime if you aren't 100% happy. The average membership length is 1 year.

    Can I get involved if I don't own a Kindle?

    Yep! Each month we'll send you an Amazon code to cover the cost of the book on Kindle, if you want to put that towards a paperback that's all good with us! If you already own the book we're reading you can put the voucher towards another :)

    What happens if I can't attend a meetup?

    You should sack whoever manages your diary! Seriously though, if you're on holiday or otherwise unavailable, no biggie - we'll keep you in the loop with everything you missed with our monthly guides. Don't forget to pack your Kindle if you are escaping the city!

    How do you choose which books to read?

    We curate books that we think will appeal to the RBC community. We present three inspiring options each month - the members votes on their favourite and then we've got our book for the following month! Expect to see books around creativity, motivation, impact, business, entrepreneurship, happiness, wellbeing and innovation with the occasional inspiring biography thrown in for good measure!

    Why do I need to apply to join?

    Ultimately, anyone can purchase and read a book each month. The real value of joining Rebel Book Club is in the a-team community that make you accountable every month. We want to align with people who are committed and can add value to the community. The book club is just the start...

    Can I gift an RBC membership to a friend or family member?

    Yes! If you would like to give a friend or family member a kick in the reading butt (& connect them with a like-minded tribe of life-curious, cocktail-guzzling, health-conscious people) then you can apply on their behalf and select a membership option for 3, 6 or 12 months.

    We will review and confirm their suitability before emailing them an 'RBC Membership Welcome'. We can do this on a date that you request (ie their Birthday/Christmas etc..).


    Apply for a gift membership.

    Can I pause or cancel my membership?

    Yes. You can pause or cancel your membership anytime by emailing us. We will complete this within 7 days of receiving your email.

    Can I get a refund on my membership?

    Sorry, no. Your membership is non-refundable. Your membership fees are supporting a reading revolution!